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We Use Real People

OvernightBDC is a great way to handle leads at uncomfortable hours. (For some, that's all the time.) OvernightBDC will send out a great first response to help engage your customer, turn off the manufacturers clock and log the response in your dealership's CRM.

We all know that a fast response is absolutely a must in the car business. Our average response time is under 7 minutes. We engage the customer with a value statement about the requested vehicle and a simple question that makes sense for that car. Our customers tell us that they get up to a 20% higher contact ratio from our responses! OvernightBDC makes your job easier. Now you can spend more time making sales and phone follow up knowing a great first response has already gone out to your customers.

We use real people, all here in the USA to be Quality Assurance representatives to make sure your response goes out complete and on time. We can also incorporate model-specific pricing and alternative vehicle suggestions if you wish to have this as part of your response. The option to add images and HTML is available along with specific lead source responses can be added. It is very exciting to see how our system helps dealerships increase their contact ratio which in turn will help sell more cars!

Join the over 1,100 customers across the country that feel confident when they are not in front of their computer.

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Why OvernightBDC?

  • Turns off the manufacturer's clock
  • It works with your CRM's mobile alert
  • We'll provide the customer with the benefits of your dealership
  • You can have a set schedule or turn us on manually 24/7/365
  • We'll clearly supply the customer with their next step in the process
  • We are real people responding the way you want
  • We give your staff time to review and offer additional instructions
  • Only $399/month for up to 200 leads and $1 a lead after that
  • Available to respond to your Service, OnStar and Parts request as well